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Web Design That Works  Welcome to DjBuck & Associates, your source for web design that works for your business. We believe that your website should be an extension of your existing business model. Because of this, you are an integral part of the development team.

Web Design as a Structured Process  Our design technique starts with you. With the millions of websites on the Internet, it's not enough to just be “one of the players.” We help you evaluate what you are looking for in your site. The look, the feel, the target audience. Who knows, you may even learn something valuable along the way. Of course, DjBuck will be there to guide you.

Web Design Using Today's Hottest Tools  Our websites are created using the best and most powerful tools available today. Depending on your needs, your site can be designed using Microsoft Expression Web, Microsoft FrontPage or Adobe Dreamweaver. Dynamic elements such as animated graphics, audio and video can be incorporated using a variety of methods, such as java applets, JavaScript and Macromedia's Flash. And while these powerful programs are necessary for today's complex websites, they sometimes can create unneeded code that hinders efficiency. We can go behind the scenes and streamline the HTML.

Web Design That's Visually Appealing  Our philosophy of web design involves two aspects: visual appeal and ease of navigation. Our clients want sites that make good use of color and graphics, drawing the reader in and pointing him or her in the right direction. Extra whistles and bells do not aid in this process. Feel free to browse the websites of some of our clients to see what we're talking about, or read about them here.

Web Design That's Affordable  DjBuck can design a website for your business that fits your budget. After assessing your needs, we will sit down with you and plan an appropriate strategy. We can set up and maintain your site, or if you choose, train you to manage it once it is operational.

Web Design That Works  We at DjBuck and Associates take great pride in each and every project we undertake, regardless of size. Working together with you, we'll design a site that works for your business needs. Contact us today and we'll show you how!

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